ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 140001:2004

Industrial Process Water

As partner of industrial companies, WA Corp offers itstechnological expertise in process water productionand effluent treatment and recycling, from standardequipment to designed and build of turnkey facilities.With the ever growing complexity of treatment processes,WA Corp’s solutions create value for a diverse rangeof industries; food and beverages, petroleum products(upstream and downstream), mining, chemicals, solarpower, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, steel, powergeneration, and metallurgy, pulp and paper, and more.With the challenges posed by sustainable development,WA Corp innovates to help its clients limit their impactson the environment.

The raw water for industrial applications is usuallysurface water (from rivers, lakes, reservoirs or the sea),and sometimes well water. It is generally possible toproduce a full range of process water qualities from any raw water source. Today’s challenge is to design andrealize reliable and safe treatment technologies thatprovide maximum efficiency at a minimum operationexpenditure. This requires the best use of plant capacityat a limited Carbon footprint, as well as, low productionof wastewater.

In many places around the world, even zero- dischargeis not an option but a necessity. With these objectives in mind, WA Corp’s engineers and specialists are ableto make use of all technologies and processes adhering to current standards. Designing economical solutionsfocused on minimising both capital and operational costs.