ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 140001:2004

Waste Water

WA Corp wastewater systems serve communities and Industries efficiently while returning treated wastewater to the environment safely and efficiently. With an eye to the future, WA Corp turns wastewater into a valuable resource with water reclamation and reuse strategies.

Wastewater treatment includes all aspects of liquid and solids processing, as well as effluent disposal for both municipal and industrial clients. Liquid and solids treatment services include master plans, feasibility studies, pilot plant studies, conceptual design, final design, construction management, start up and training, operations troubleshooting, process and energy optimization.

Wa Corp combines the industry’s broadest portfolio of technologies with strong technical expertise and proveninstallation experience across the entire spectrum of aerobic and anaerobic processes converting wastewaterinto a valuable resource with water reclamation and reuse strategy.

Owing to regulatory changes and continuously improving wastewater treatment processes, quantities of sludge left over from treatments are constantly increasing. To tackle this problem, WA Corp provides its clients a wide array of processes, ranging from digestion to destruction, including thickening, dewatering and drying. The goal is to turn sludge from a waste product into a product with added value for agriculture and or energy.